Career Opportunities for Majors in Biomathematics


Biomathematics is the application of mathematical principles to biological processes. Biomathematics aims at the mathematical representation, treatment and modeling of biological processes, using a variety of applied mathematical techniques and tools. It has both theoretical and practical applications in biological, biomedical and biotechnology research. The Mathematics Department at Rutgers offers an interdisciplinary major in biomathematics. Today theoretical/mathematical biology is booming; currently it seems to offer lots of promising perspectives and possibilities for mathematicians and theoretically interested biologists. There is an increased need for skilled computational biologists in scientific research and development. Mathematical modeling methods have become increasingly important in all branches of biology. The rapidly developing techniques of molecular biology and genetics produce a large amount of data, which need efficient algorithms to be handled.

Analytical and computational approaches are being utilized as the basis for optimizing the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases, and for analyzing drug efficacy. The wealth of data afforded by new bioinformatics tools and modern molecular biology allow the formulation of precise models, which can then be subject to experimental validation.

You may be surprised to learn of biomathematics job opportunities in such areas as public health where epidemiology and population biology play important roles and where jobs exist at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. However, majority of Biomathematics graduates continue their education in medical and dental schools. Other attend Ph.D. programs in biology, pharmacology and related fields. Doing research may require only a bachelor's degree but advanced positions require graduate study. Research jobs using mathematics or biostatistics can be found in governmental, industrial, or academic settings. Whether you plan to pursue a career in a scientific area or not, it is important to develop your marketability through internships, responsible work experience, good grades and participation in college activities.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Assistant Scientist Operations Research Analyst Statistician
Data Analyst Physician Systems Analyst
Information Scientist Psychometrician Teacher/Professor
Numerical Analyst Researcher

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Biomathematical Research Groups Computer Firms Medical Biomathematical Institutes
Biotechnology Firms Financial Institutions Pharmaceutical Companies
Cancer Research Centers Large-scale Sequencing Centers Research Laboratories
Colleges/Universities Manufacturing Firms Software Development Companies
Government Agencies
Centers for Disease Control NJ Department of Environmental Protection U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command
Environmental Protection Agency National Institutes of Health
Food and Drug Administration National Science Foundation

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Biomathematics

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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - Jobs of Experienced Alumni - Biomathematics

Invitrogen Account Manager
Rutgers University (PhD) Assistant Professor
Hoffmann-La Roche Assistant Scientist
AT&T Associate Manager
Bank of America Business Executive
Fisher Scientific Business Systems Coordinator
Berlex Labs Data Coordinator
U.S. Army, Germany Engineering Officer
MIT, NYU, Princeton & Rutgers Graduate students
Cranbury School District Math Teacher
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