Career Opportunities for Majors in Comparative Literature


Comparative Literature is an interdisciplinary program that examines literature as it shapes and is shaped by the world of science, economics, politics, and other cultural and historical forces. It focuses on literature across national and cultural boundaries in an effort to learn about its nature, function, and value. Students will also explore theory and cultural studies, as well as read literature in original languages and in translation.

Comparative Literature is versatile and helps develop skills useful anywhere. Graduates may go on to study literature in graduate school. With their rigorous training in research, critical thinking, and writing, students may instead seek admission to law school and other professional schools.

Additionally, many careers do not require a specific major, but are chosen on the basis of personal interests, skills, preferences, and ambitions. Thus graduates can also pursue careers in business, government, education, and nonprofit organizations. Regardless of career choices, increasing one's marketability to employers through internships, work experience, good grades, and involvement in college activities is important. A bachelor's degree is sufficient for many entry-level positions, but an advanced degree may be required for career opportunities in an area of specialization.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Administrative Assistant Editorial Assistant Personnel Trainee
Advertising Account Exec. Educational Director Politician
Advertising Account Executive Historical Society Specialist Production Assistant
Campaign Manager Human Resources Coordinator Public Relations Assistant
Communications Specialist Human Resources Specialist Publicity Assistant
Community Relations Specialist Journalist Research Asst.
Copy Writer Lawyer Researcher
Copywriter Legislative Assistant Sales Representative
Corporate Trainer Librarian Special Events Coordinator
Critic Lobbyist Teacher/Professor
Customer Service Rep Management Trainee Volunteer Coordinator
Customer Service Representative Media Buyer Writer
Editor Museum Curator
Editor/Writer Nonprofit Administrator

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Banks Insurance Companies Public Relations Firms
Book/Magazine Publishers Investment Firms Research Firms
Community Arts Centers Market research firms Retail Stores
Educational Institutions Media (Radio, TV) Telecommunications Firms
Foundations Museums Theaters
Healthcare Facilities Newspapers/Magazines
Hospitality Organizations Polictical Organizations
Government Agencies
Civil Rights Commission Legislative Affairs Small Business Administration
Consumer Affairs Office National Endowment for the Humanities Travel and Tourism Dept.
Cultural Affairs Agencies National Institutes of Health
Division of Youth & Family Services Peace Corps/AmeriCorps

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Comparative Literature

Organization Job Title
Novo Nordisk
Michigan State University Foreign Language And Literature Teachers, Postsecondary
The Vilcek Foundation Administrative Services Managers
Rootopedia Office Assistant And Editor

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - Jobs of Experienced Alumni - Comparative Literature

Law Clerk Account Executive
Barclays Bank Administrative Assistant
Georgetown Univ. Hosp. Admissions Patient Financial Assoc.
University of Arkansas (PhD) Assistant Professor
Columbia Univ. (MA) Assoc. Director
Baker & Friedman (JD) Attorney
Humanities Institute, Univ. at Stony Brook (PhD) Director
The Tech Law Advisor Newsletter Editor
American Express Co. Freelance Worker
Bates College Library (MLS) Humanities Reference Librarian
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Graduate Schools Attended

Institution Degree Field
Cornell University Africana Studies
University of Texas at Austin PhD Comparative Literature - Spanish & Portuguese
Yale University Other Civil Rights Law

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