Career Opportunities for Majors in Computer Science


The computer science program offers a solid foundation in software, systems and theory while offering elective courses in Artificial Intelligence, Internet Technologies, Databases, Graphics and more.

Computer Science is becoming increasingly broad, with many different sub-disciplines and inter-disciplinary relationships with other fields. To help students navigate the rich offerings, the department has defined a number of tracks, each of which provides guidelines for students to see how different elective courses can fit together into a coherent theme. Specifically, each track constrains the elective choices, typically requiring students following that track to take specific courses for their electives. A track may also recommend certain electives that are deemed important but not critical to the track.

Note that tracks are not mutually exclusive; that is, it is possible to choose a set of elective courses that satisfy more than one track. The tracks available include: Computing Concepts and Themes; Computer and Software Systems; Computer Security; Software Engineering and Information Management; Graphics and Vision; and Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. While most graduates work in a related occupation and many obtain an advanced degree, others choose another direction.

Many careers do not require a specific major but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills and accomplishments. Regardless of your career choices, increase your marketability to employers through internships, responsible work experience, good grades and involvement in college activities.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Aerospace Engineer Electronic Data Processing Auditor Software Engineer
Applications Programmer Electronics Engineering Technician Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Artifcial Intelligence Specialist Graphic Web Designer Special Effects (FX) Specialist
CAD/CAM Designer IT Analyst Systems Integrator
Computer Engineer IT Project Coordinator Technical Consultant
Computer Hardware Engineer Management Information Systems Manager Technical Support Representative
Computer Science Teacher Network Manager Technical Writer
Computer Systems Manager Operating Systems Programmer Test Engineer
Data Communications Analyst Operations Research Specialist User Interface Designer
Database Manager Programmer/Analyst Web Page Designer
Development Engineer Research and Development Specialist

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Accounting Firms Computer Service Firms Online Service Providers
Airlines/Airports Data Processing Companies Research institutes
Banks Electronics Manufacturers Retail Stores
Colleges/Universities Engineering Firms School Systems
Communications Companies Hospitals Telecommunications Firms
Computer Consulting Services Insurance Companies Utility Companies
Computer Hardware & Software Vendors Manufacturing Firms
Government Agencies
CIA/FBI Department of Justice Library of Congress
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Department of Labor National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA)
Department of Agriculture Department of Transportation Securities and Exchange Commission
Department of Commerce Department of the Treasury Small Business Administration
Department of Defense Federal Trade Commission
Department of Energy General Accounting Office

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Computer Science

Organization Job Title
Salomon Brothers Applications Developer
Dun and Bradstreet Associate Programmer
GE Aerospace Associate Systems Engineer
Johnson & Johnson Consultant
Accenture Consulting Analyst
GE Information Services Engineer
AT&T Information Management Member
Time, Inc. Information Security Engineer
Citigroup IT Analyst
Engineering Staff, GE Astro Space Member
Technical Staff, AT&T Member
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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - Jobs of Experienced Alumni - Computer Science

Shared Medical Systems Advanced Programmer
Peoplesoft, Inc. Applications Consultant
NIST (MS Comp. Sci.) Computer Scientist
AT&T (MBA) Customer Account Mgr.
Ortho Pharmaceutical Information Services Consultant
AT&T Information Specialist
RWJ Pharmaceutical Research Institute Lead Systems Analyst
Billing, AT&T Network Administrator, University of Pittsburgh Mgr
Software Development, Concurrent (MS Comp. Sci.) Principal Mgr
Sony Corporation Product Mgr.
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Graduate Schools Attended

Institution Degree Field
Computer Science Data Analysis
Brown University Computer Science Machine Learning
Brown University MBA Computer Science
Centre For Quantum Technologies At Nus Computer Science Cs Theory
Duke University Computer Science Artificial Intelligence
Johns Hopkins University Cognitive Science Natural Language Processing
Johns Hopkins University MS Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Monmouth University MS Engineering Technology
New Jersey Institute of Technology Computer Science
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