Career Opportunities for Majors in Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources


The Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources major provides an understanding of how natural living systems function and evolve, and how they can be managed to conserve biodiversity while providing benefits to people. The interdisciplinary department specializes in ecology, evolution, and natural resource conservation. Study the evolutionary origins and maintenance of biodiversity, conserving and restoring native ecosystems, and issues of global change such as managing natural resources within urban ecosystems.

Students may pursue course work that prepares them for traditional careers in resource management or environmental education, or they may follow a path that meets interests related to the conservation of natural resources and the ecology and evolution of natural systems. Graduates may pursue further study at the graduate level or find career opportunities in public or private organizations involved in the management of natural resources.

This major provides a broad general understanding of the functioning, significance, and conservation of living systems. The flexibility of this major is intended to meet a variety of student interests and needs. Students are encouraged to organize elective courses to fulfill the requirements of a minor or certificate program. Particularly appropriate are the 5-year Science Teacher Education Program, the certificate in Environmental Geomatics, and the certificate in Urban/Community Forestry.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Agricultural Business Rep. Forester Plant Geneticist
Agricultural Inspector Fundraiser Preserve Mngr.
Argonomist Geographic Info. Systems Specialist Public Affairs Manager
Biologist Grass Roots Coordinator Quality Control Analyst
Cattle Buyer Human Resources Professional Remediation Specialist
Conservationist Hydrogeologist Seed Analyst
County Extension Director Laboratory Researcher Soil Conservationist/Engineer
Ecotourism Coordinator Lobbyist Statistician
Environmental Educator Naturalist Vocational/Agriculture Teacher
Environmental Planner Nursery Owner Water Resources Manager
Fire Warden Park Conservationist Watershed Technologist
Fish Hatchery Mngr. Park Superintendent Wildlife Mngr.

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Agricultural Products Manufacturers Engineering Firms Pharmaceutical Companies
Biotechnology Firms Environmental Consulting Firms School Systems
Botanical Gardens Fermentation Companies Watershed Associations
Chemical Manufacturers Forest Management Agencies Weed Control Companies
Colleges/Universities Laboratories Wholesale Distributers
Conservation Organizations Lumber/Paper Companies World Wildlife Fund
Consulting Firms Nature Conservancies
Crop/Soil Management Firms Nature Science Centers
Government Agencies
Agricultural Research Service County Greenway Organization National Institutes of Health
Bureau of Land Management Department of Agriculture National Science Foundation
Bureau of Reclamation Department of Environmental Protection Peace Corps
Conservation Dept. Department of the Interior Shade Tree Commission
Consumer Affairs Office Division of Fish, Game & Wildlife Soil Conservation Service
Cooperative Extension Services National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) Teach For America

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources

Organization Job Title
Lesco, Inc. Agricultural Sales Rep
Aqua Survey, Inc. Aquatic Toxicologist/Biologist
Prudential Client Service Representative
Stonybrook Millstone Watershed Assoc. Environ. Educator
NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection Environ. Specialist
Rutgers University - Cook College Field Researcher
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Fish & Wildlife Biologist
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Forest Fire Lookout
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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - Jobs of Experienced Alumni - Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources

Shehadi & Sons Account Mngr.
State Agriculture Development Committee Agricultural Resource Specialist
Cornell University (MS Nat. Res. Mgmt.) Aquatic GIS Research Specialist
NJ State Park Service (MS Nat. Res. Mgmt.) Asst. Director
Richard D. Goodenough Assoc. Inc. Associate Forester
USDA Computer Specialist
NJ Div. of Fish, Game & Wildlife Conservation Officer
NJ Div. of Fish, Game & Wildlife Database Coordinator
NJ Div. of Criminal Justice (JD) Deputy Attorney General
A.G. Matthew & Co. Director of Operations
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Graduate Schools Attended

Institution Degree Field
Cornell University MS Natural Resource Management
Cornell University
Cornell University, School of Veterinary Medicine DVM
East Tennessee State PhD Paleontology
Michigan State University Plant Biology Ecology
Montclair State MA Teaching
Penn State University MS Entomology
Rutgers -The State University of NJ Ecology
Rutgers University MS Natural Resource Management
University of Cambridge Engineering
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