Career Opportunities for Majors in Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace


Engineering is a profession in which knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences is applied to develop ways to use the materials and forces of nature economically for the benefit of humanity.

At Rutgers, four-year undergraduate curricula leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science are offered in the fields of applied sciences, bioenvironmental, biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical and computer, industrial, and mechanical engineering, and materials science & engineering. Numerous areas of concentration are available within these disciplines, such as aerospace, biochemical, environmental, and packaging engineering.

Mechanical and aerospace engineering plays a dominant role in enhancing economic vitality, safety and overall quality of life. Mechanical engineers are concerned with the principles of force, energy and motion. They are professionals with expert knowledge of the design and manufacture of mechanical systems, thermal devices and processes. Products and processes developed by mechanical engineers include engines and control systems for automobiles and aircraft, electric power generation plants, lifesaving medical devices and consumer products ranging from air conditioners to personal computers and athletic equipment. They also design the machines that mass-produce these products. Virtually every aspect of life is touched by mechanical engineering. If something moves or uses energy, a mechanical engineer was probably involved in its design or production. The curriculum in mechanical and aerospace engineering trains students in a technically sound, challenging, and professional manner, laying the foundation for a productive career in industry or further graduate study and research. Further information can be found at http://mech.rutgers.edu/.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Aerodynamicist Heat Transfer Technician Plant Engineer
Aeronautical Drafter Manufacturing Engineer Sales Engineer
Aerospace Engineer Mechanical Research Engineer Solar Energy Systems Designer
Automotive Engineer Metallurgist Specification Writer
Biomedical Engineer Nuclear Engineer Stress Analyst
Chief Drafter Numerical Control Nesting Operator Technical Writer
Die Designer Optomechanical Technician Utilization Engineer
Fire Protection Engineer Patent Drafter Value Engineer

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Aerospace Industry Consulting Firms Manufacturing Firms
Aircraft Industries Electronics Manufacturers Nuclear Plants
Appliance Manufacturers Engineering Firms Petroleum Companies
Architectural Firms Environmental Companies Pharmaceutical Companies
Auto Industry Hospitals Public Utilities
Banks Hotels/Restaurants/Resorts Publishing companies
Chemical Manufacturers Houseware Manufacturers Retail Stores
Colleges/Universities Industrial Machinery Industries Telecommunications Firms
Construction Firms Insurance Companies Textile Industries
Government Agencies
Army Corps of Engineers Federal Aviation Administration Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Army Materiel Command General Services Administration Patent & Trademark Office
Bureau of Engraving & Printing Int'l. Trade Administration Tennessee Valley Authority
Department of Energy National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) U.S. Navy
Drug Enforcement Administration National Institute of Standards & Technology U.S. Postal Inspection Service

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace

Organization Job Title
Merck & Co. Assistant Supervisor
Herbert W. Davis Associate Consultant
Martin Marietta Associate Member Engineering Staff
L-3 Communications CAD Specialist
Futura Consulting Compaction Tester
NDS Technologies Engineering Assistant
Frederick Gumm Chemical Co. Equipment Specialist
Hewlett Packard Field Representative
UPS Industrial Engineer
Optimal Lubricants Inc. Lab Technician
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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - Jobs of Experienced Alumni - Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace

Naval Air Propulsion Center Aerospace Engineer
Adept Technology, Inc. Appl. Engr. Supervisor
U.S. Air Force Colonel
General Public Utilities Corp. Consultant
Union Carbide Director of Business Development
American Tool Co. Director of Engineering Programs
GE Design Engineer
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Design Engineer
NASA Lead Engineer
GE Manager of Materials
Carson & Gebel Ribbon Co. Partner
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Graduate Schools Attended

Institution Degree Field
ENPC School of Int'l. Management, Paris MBA Int'l. Management
Florida Institute of Technology MBA Management
MIT MS Mechanical Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology MS Management Engineering
Northwestern Univ., Kellogg School of Management MBA Finance
Rensselaer at Hartford MBA Management
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute MS Mech. Engr.
Rutgers University MBA Marketing
Rutgers University MS Mech. & Aero. Engr.
Stevens Institute of Technology MS Manufacturing Technology

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