Career Opportunities for Majors in History and Political Science


History is the study and research of major social, political, cultural, and economic events of the past, and provides a perspective on events that have shaped the contemporary world. The history department offers an array of two hundred course offerings and many research opportunities. Classes focus on areas such as Global History, European History, U.S. History, and Premodern Civilization. The political science major is designed to expose students to the philosophical and practical problems of political organization, action, and governance and to encourage critical thinking about the nature of citizenship, rights, and duties in the modern world. The curriculum is divided into three general areas: theoretical approaches to politics, American institutions and politics, and foreign and international politics. Coursework focuses on Politics, American Government, Law, International Relations, and Foreign Politics.

History and political science graduates work in a wide variety of areas including business, law, politics, social service, and education. Many of these students pursue advanced degrees, some in related fields and some in other areas. Many careers do not require a specific major but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills and accomplishments. Regardless of your career choices, increase your marketability to employers through internships, responsible work experience, good grades and involvement in college activities.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Archivist Historian Lobbyist
Business Manager Historic Preservation Specialist Market Research Analyst
Community Action Specialist Historic Site Administrator Museum Curator
Community Relations Director Historic Site Tour Guide Nonprofit Administrator
Consumer Advocate Historical Society Staff Member Politicial Scientist
Diplomat Human Resources Specialist Politician
Economic Development Analyst Insurance Agent Public Administrator
Editor/Writer International Banker Public Policy Specialist
FBI/CIA Agent International Relations Specialist Public Relations Specialist
Federal Investigator International Trade Specialist Teacher/Professor
Foreign Service Officer Journalist Writer/Author
Government Agency Admin Lawyer

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Archives Cultural Organizations Museums
Banks Educational Institutions Newspapers/Magazines
Book/Magazine Publishers Foundations Polictical Organizations
Civic Organizations Historic Sites/Historical Societies Professional Associations
Collection Agencies Insurance Companies Public Interest Groups
Community Arts Centers Labor Unions Public Relations Firms
Community Organizations Law Firms Radio Stations
Consulting Firms Libraries Research Firms
Government Agencies
CIA/FBI Federal/State Congressional Offices Peace Corps/AmeriCorps
Department of Commerce General Accounting Office Smithsonian Institution
Department of Justice National Archives & Records Administration U.S. Customs Service
Department of State National Endowment for the Humanities U.S. Information Agency
Drug Enforcement Administration National Park Service

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - First Jobs of Recent Graduates - History and Political Science

Organization Job Title
Guy Carpenter and Company Account Analyst
VIP Computers Account Executive
Upsala College Assistant Director of Admissions
Salomon Brothers Assistant Mortgage Analyst
Ford Motor Credit Customer Service Representative
Lord and Taylor Department Manager
Silver Burdett Ginn Editor
Princeton University Editorial Assistant
US Office Personnel Federal Investigator
Chase Manhattan Bank Financial Analyst
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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - Jobs of Experienced Alumni - History and Political Science

Nielsen Marketing Resaerch (MBA) Account Manager
Philadelphia Inquirer Assistant Editor
H.W. Wilson (MLS) Associate Editor
Elsevier Science Publishing Associate Publisher
Industrial Relations, American Cyanamid Corp. Director, Industrial Relations
Law & Public Safety Dept. (JD) Deputy Attorney General
Prudential Insurance (JD) Director of Labor Relations
Gordon Publications District Sales Manager
NJ Election Enforcement Commission (PhD History) Exec. Dir.
Shearson Lehman Hutton Financial Consultant
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Graduate Schools Attended

Institution Degree Field
Boston University JD Law
Georgian Court College PhD History/Social Studies
Howard University PhD Entertainment Law
Lehigh University PhD American Studies
New York University MA Music Technology
Princeton University PhD Psychology
Rutgers University MA Special Education
Rutgers University PhD Communication
Rutgers University MA Public Policy
Rutgers University PhD Political Science
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