Find Your Career Community

Below is a simple inventory that may help you learn more about your academic and career preferences. It is based on the Career Exploration and Success Career Community Model. This assessment will help you learn about which career community areas tend to relate to your interests. Next, you can look at college majors, internship and job listings, student organizations, and more that may be consistent with your preferences. You are more likely to be satisfied with career choices that are consistent with your interests.

Read through the statements below and rate your level of interest in each area. Click on "total score" at the end of each section and a summary of your scores will be profiled at the end of the inventory. Print out this page when you are done to have a record of your results. We recommend you meet with a career advisor to discuss your results and career plans when you are finished.

This is not a test with right or wrong answers, nor has this inventory been reviewed for reliability or validity. Your results, however, may help you identify some specific interests you possess and become aware of related college majors and career options.

Rate the level of interest you have for each area listed below by selecting the number of stars from 1 star (very little interest) to 5 stars (a high level of interest). Don't worry about your skill level. Just consider how much you like each activity.

Calculate Total Scores

Review Your Career Community Scores

Below is a summary of your scores. Click on the areas in which your scores are highest to develop a better understanding of those career communities and learn how they relate to Rutgers majors, internship and job options, as well as other Rutgers opportunities.

Print out this page and discuss your findings with a career advisor at Career Exploration and Success.


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