Career Opportunities for Majors in Environmental & Business Economics


The environmental and business economics program provides students with a foundation in the principles of economics, knowledge of practical economic and analytical problem-solving techniques, an ability to apply economic concepts to the analysis of public and private policy issues, and an understanding of the institutional factors underlying and influencing policy decisions. The program qualifies students for a broad spectrum of positions in business and government, or for continued study at the graduate level. The program offers four options:

Business Economics: This option emphasizes the application of economics to business management, marketing, and finance issues in the business world and with the public and private institutional framework within which businesses operate. It familiarizes students both with analytical and decision-making techniques and tools used in the business world.

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: This option emphasizes the application of economics to policy issues associated with environmental problems and the utilization of natural resources. It also considers the institutional framework within which public policy is developed. It is appropriate for those desiring employment with firms who must comply with environmental regulations or with government agencies concerned with environmental practices and policies.

Food Industry Economics: This option emphasizes the application of economics in the areas of food policy, marketing and finance in both the private and government sectors.

Food Science and Management Economics: This option, offered in cooperation with the food science curriculum, is designed for students with a strong interest in the management aspects of food science, process, production and product development.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Agricultural Broker County Agent Loan Specialist
Agricultural Economist Credit Officer Market Research Analyst
Agricultural Marketing Rep. Customer Service Rep Operations Analyst
Bank Reserach Analyst Economist Pension Analyst
Commodities Trader Environmental Lawyer Production Superintendent
Compliance Specialist Financial Analyst Public Administrator
Consultant Financial Planner Purchasing Agent
Consumer Marketing Rep Insurance Adjuster Quality Control Specialist
Contract Administrator International Trade Specialist Sales Representative
Cost Analyst Investment Banking Analyst Securities Broker

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Banks Economic Development Council Import/Export Firms
Brokerage Houses Economic Research Foundations Insurance Companies
Business Journals / Publishers Educational Institutions Investment Firms
Chambers of Commerce Environmental Consulting Firms Manufacturing Firms
Chemical Manufacturers Food & Beverage Companies Market research firms
Consulting Firms Food Marketing Chains
Government Agencies
Department of Agriculture Department of Food & Nutrition Farm Credit Administration
Department of Energy Department of Reclamation Federal Reserve Bank
Department of Environmental Protection Department of the Treasury Food and Drug Administration
Department of Finance Environmental Protection Agency Int'l. Trade Administration

Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - First Jobs of Recent Graduates - Environmental & Business Economics

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Jobs Obtained by Rutgers Graduates - Jobs of Experienced Alumni - Environmental & Business Economics

Food Industry Analyst Account Administrator
IMS Health Account Service Representative
US Dept. of Agriculture Agricultural Statistician
IMS America, LTD Asst. Data Quality Analyst
L&F Products Asst. Product Manager
National Westminster Bank of NJ Asst. Treasurer
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NJ Assoc. Financial Analyst
MTV Networks Assoc. Producer
ComerFord & Callegy, LLC Attorney
Nations Bank Banking Center Manager
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Graduate Schools Attended

Institution Degree Field
Columbia Teachers College M.Ed.
Ohio State University MBA Marketing
Rutgers University MS Agricultural Economics
St. Johns University MBA

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