Career Opportunities for Majors in Urban Planning and Design


Urban design is the process by which cities, towns, and villages are shaped, with the goal of making urban areas functional, attractive, and sustainable. It unites all the built environment professions, including urban planning, landscape architecture, architecture, civil and municipal engineering, and focuses on the design, quality, character and appearance of places. Urban planning is the process concerned with the use of land and design of the urban environment, including air, water, and infrastructure networks. It guides and ensures the orderly development of communities, and concerns itself with research and analysis, strategic thinking, policy recommendations, implementation, and management. This major combines these two processes to provide students with a sharper focus on city design, community development, GIS and graphic communication, and planning practice.

A Sample Of Related Occupations

Building Manager Housing Grant Analyst Project Evaluator
Cartographer Industrial Designer Real Estate Analyst
Civil Engineer Land Development Coordinator Surveyor
Community Development Director Landscape Architect Transportation Planner
Community Development Planner Photogrammetrist Urban Planner
Environmental Engineer Policy Director Urban/Regional Planner
Geographer Preservation Technician Zoning Administrator
Housing Development Specialist Principal Planner

Types of Employers

Private & Nonprofit Organizations
Architectural Firms Environmental Engineer Policy Director
Banks Geographer Preservation Technician
Cartographer Health Maintenance Organizations Principal Planner
Civil Engineer Hospitals Project Evaluator
Community Development Director Housing Development Companies Real Estate Analyst
Community Development Planner Housing Development Specialist Real Estate Development Firms
Community Health Centers Housing Grant Analyst Social Service Agencies
Community Planner Industrial Designer Surveyor
Consulting Firms Insurance Companies Transportation Planner
Contractors Investment Firms Transportation Planner
Educational Institutions Land Development Coordinator Urban Planner
Engineering Firms Landscape Architect Urban/Regional Planner
Environmental Companies Photogrammetrist Zoning Administrator
Government Agencies
Bureau of Land Management Environmental Agencies Planning and Development Commissions
Community Development Agencies Housing Agencies Transportation Department
Department of Agriculture Labor Agencies Utility Companies Research Institutions
Department of the Interior  Market Research Firms
Department of Environmental Protection Parks and Recreation Departments

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